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Color resonance
New technology based on radio waves

according to the discovery of Mr. R.F. Liley

Introduction color therapy What is resonance? What is color resonance? Where does this color therapy come from? Technical development and more. Infections and science. More information? Contact us!

What is resonance?

Please start the demo at the bottom of this page!

Resonance is a scientific phenomenon, ruled by some scientific principles. Let's have a closer look.

Oscillation = pulsing or waving movement or energy exchange.
Frequency = the speed of successive waves.
Amplitude = the power of the wave.

Any physical shape, which is reached by waves of an oscillating source, is effected by that source. The effect is dependant on the mass, the power of the wave and the frequency.

An every day example of resonance.

A garden swing is a simple example. Sitting on a swing you have to move the body back and forth. (oscillation)
The moves of the body have to be in motion with the rhythm of the swing motion, otherwise the moves will act against the swinging rhythm. (frequency)
And strong moves will result in a lot of fun. (amplitude)
Each move of the body provides a moving swing more swing power. This is called resonance.

Here is an interactive demo

Click on the link to open an interactive demonstration of resonance. The default of the frequency is 2.
First start the demonstration with the default settings, then reset and enter a spring constant of 50 and a frequency of 7 and start again. Notice that these parameters trigger a resonance-disaster in a very short time.

Click here to enter the demo in resonance.
(For this demo Java VM is required.) Download JavaVM



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