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Introduction color therapy. Introduction
What is resonance? What is Resonance?
What is color resonance? Color Resonance
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Color resonance
New technology based on radio waves

according to the discovery of Mr. R.F. Liley

Introduction color therapy What is resonance? What is color resonance? Where does this color therapy come from? Technical development and more. Infections and science. More information? Contact us!

News and research

Lake Rotorua, Coromandel Peninsula, Allan en Rosanne
Visiting New Zealand

Traveling 'down-under',
taking a break
from daily routines,
see the world from another perspective,
meeting some far-away friends.
Januari 2008.

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The pad has to be connected to a color machine.
Inventing the treating pad.

Borst Color Therapy invented the treating pad to treat a single spot on the body. Experiencing with this pad showed a faster recovery from diseases like bacterial arthritis, campylobacter and salmonella infections, breast inflammation and many more.

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The digital controlled
color modulator
First prototype microprocessor controlled modulator..

One of the major benefits of a processor controlled device is the possibillity to load or program a sequence of tasks or procedure, which can be activated and runs that sequence by a stored code. With this prototype there will be some try-outs to test a number of functions, such as single-cup-mode which means both outputs are connected to the same cup, dubbel-cup-mode: both outputs are connected to different cups, and downloading new data from an email attachment. Four keys and a display are located at the front panel to access data and functions.

Moving into a new residence.

Three years ago Borst Color Therapy moved into a new residence. We shifted from Hattem to our home in Wapenveld. Here we have more space for research and treatment. We will setup several experimental trials and develop new processes in color therapy.

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The beamer in position.
New wireless equipment is under continual research to treat animals.

This rabbit has an infection under the eye. The consideration to treat the little patient with color therapy in the conventional way had to be rejected, because this kind of treatment could end in a fatal strangling. That's why I've searched a wireless solution.

To reach this goal a modified fog light was turned into a color resonance beamer and placed in front of the cage. An umbrella protects the beamer against rainshowers.

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The resobeamer
New design beamer ready for first testcase...

After a year of research new functionality is added to the resobeamer.

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